Wood-based Activated Carbon

The product used Coconut Shell and Apricot Shell as raw material, reasonable pore structure, equal particle and large specific surface,high adsorption property,chemical stability,recyclable,widely used in Foodstuff,Pharmaceutical,Mining,Metallurgy,Petrochemical,Stellmaking,Tobacco and Fine Chemicals,especially for High Purity Drinking Water and Industrial Water,Gold Refinning.

Main Typical Technical Parameters:


Wood Based Activated Carbon

Particle Size

4~325 mesh

Iodine Value

800~1,200 mg/g

Methylene blue


Ash Content

5% max.

Water Content

10% max.

Specific Surface Area

800~1300 m2/g


1.      The product specification complying to GB,ASTM,JIS,EN Standard.

2.      All parameters can be modified according to customers’requests.