Powder Form Activated Carbon

It’s seclected the top quality Activated Carbon as raw material to crush and get the final powder form product.Our normal particle size of this type material including 200 mesh and 300 mesh.

The product with reasonable pore structure, equal particle and large specific surface,high and quickly adsorption property, also it has the good flocculation and filtration abilities,soIt’s widely used for Watertreatment,Heavy Metals Treatment, Dioxins Treatment,etc.It takes a very important posion in the Amino Acid,Sugar, Monosodium Glutamate,Chemical,Pharmaceutical industries and so on.

Main Typical Technical Parameters:


Powder Form Activated Carbon

Particle Size


Iodine Value

700~1,050 mg/g

Methylene blue

90~220 mg/g

Water Content

5% max.

Ash Content

18% max.

Specific Surface Area



1.      The product specification complying to GB,ASTM,JIS,EN Standard.

2.      All parameters can be modified according to customers’requests.