Acrylates Copolymer

Product Name:Acrylates Copolymer

CAS No.: 25035-69-2

Properties:Acrylates Copolymer white liquid with characteristic odor,it’s an excellent film forming polymer that brings water-resistance to cosmetics products.


Key Technical Parameters

Physical Appearance @25℃

Milky,white liquid

Odor @25℃


pH Value


Solid Content


Viscosity ,Mucilage

6,000~10,000 mPas

Salt Viscosity,Mucilage

400~1,200 mPas


0~50 NTU


***1) It is the best replacement product of Carbomer series product for using in the formulation of Rinse Free Hand Sanitizer to get a’Transparent Gel’,it’s also widely used in color cosmetics, sun & skin care, hair care products, shaving creams and moisturizers. Comparing with Carbomer,it’s easy to use , more convenient,freeze-thaw stable property,  more transparent like Carbomer , can use in low temperature environment

2)It’s used as suspension stabilizer,with high yield value,easy to apply and fast thickened by alkali,with loang lasting suspended particulates suspending.Keeps system viscosity stable and improve pearl effect in formula.

3)High efficient thickening stabilizer.Better freeze-thaw stable property and thickening ability.The product can be returned to normal used by heating without changing its performance.