Coenzyme Q10

Product Name:Coenzyme Q10




Properties:Coenzyme Q10 is involved as a component of the mitochondria in the energy production of cells. It also has an antioxidant effect, so widely used in physiology, pharmacy, cosmetics and health protection.It’s yellow or light yellow crystal powder, odorless, tasteless, easily soluble in chloroform, benzene and carbon tetrachloride; soluble in acetone, aether, petroleum ehter; slightly soluble in ethanol; insoluble in water or methanol.It will be decomposed into red substances in the light, stable to temperature and moisture. 


Applications:Coenzyme Q10 in personal care products can supplement your dietary intake to supply adequate amount to your skin,giving you a young,youthful,smooth and healty appearance.It helps:1)in the protection of the physical state and integrity of the mitochondrial membrane,2)in getting rid of the dangerous free radicals floating around in our system,3)with skin hydration and improves the radiance.