Product Name:Polyquaternium-47

Product Code:YNR-PQ47

CAS No.:25136-75-8

INCI Name:Polyquaternium-47

Polyquaternium-47 is a quaterized terpolymer made from acrylic acid,methyl acrylate and methyl acrylamide,compatible with anionic surfactant.Polyquaternium-47 is miscible in water, and add it in formula at room temperature.It imparts outstanding detangling and dry & wet combability when used in hair care and skin care products.



Key Technical Parameters:

Appearance(25℃) Colorless or yellowish transparent viscous liquid
Solid content 19.0~21.0%
PH Value(10% in aqueous solution) 4.0~7.5
Viscosity(25℃,mPa.s) 8,000~25,000


Polyquaternium-47 acts as a film former and hair fixative and skin conditioning agent,used in hair care and skin care products with dosage 0.5~5.0%.In Hair Products:Relaxers,Bleaches,Dyes,Shampoos,Conditioners,Styling Products,and Permanent Waves;in skin care products:Moisturizing Creams,Lotions,Bath Gels,Liquid Soaps,Soap Bars,Shaving Products and Deodorants.

Benefits and Performance:

*Water soluble, easy to use.

*Water solution is clear, especially apply to clear rinse conditioner.

*Affinitive to keratin of hair and skin, no accumulation.

*Impart hair and skin lubricous and moist feeling.

*Improve dry & wet combability, manageability of hair.

*Outstanding detangling.

*Compatible with all kinds of surfactant.