Product Name:Polyquaternium-22

Product Code:YNR-PQ22

CAS No.:53694-17-0

INCI Name:Polyquaternium-22

Polyquaternium-22  is an amphoteric polymer,highly charged, cationic conditioning copolymer of dimethyl diallyl ammonium chloride and acrylic acid. This water-soluble copolymer is ampholytic and demonstrated excellent stability at extreme pH ranges (2-12).Polyquaternium-22 is ideally suited for use as a conditioning polymer in shampoos, conditioners and colorant products. Its high pH tolerance makes it ideal for permanent wave and relaxer products. Polyquaternium-22 is compatible with a wide range of anionic, nonionic and cationic surfactants.This  copolymer is recommended to improve wet and dry properties of hair care products, and to enhance feel in skin care products.

Key Technical Parameters:

Appearance Colorless to yellowish Transparent or slightlyturbid viscous liquid
Solid Content 39.0~43.0%
pH Value(10% aqueous solution) 4.0~5.3
Viscosity(3# @12rpm,25℃,cps) 3,000~6,000

Applications: Polyquaternium-22 acts as a conditioning agent, film former and antistatic agent. Polyquaternium-22 is highly charged cationic copolymer. Compatible with most anionic and amphoteric surfactants. Used in conditioners and other cosmetic care products.

Hair care products:Relaxers,Bleaches,Dyes,Shampoos,Conditioners,Styling Products and Peranent Waves

1.Contributes luster and a soft,silky feel,Provide Rich,Creamy foam to Shampoos.

2.Provides excellent slip,Lubricity and snag-free wet compatibility without excessive buildup.

3.Imparts excellent dry compatibility.

4.Excellent hair softness and wet hair feel during washing,rinsing and after rinsing.

5.Helps hold curls without flaking.

6.Suggested dosage1.0% as product in shampoo and conditioner,3.0% as product in other formulations.

Skin care products:Moisturing Creams,Lotions,Bath Gels,Liquid Soaps,Soap Bars,Shaving Products,and Deodorants.

1.Imparts a smooth,velvety feel,reduces tightness after drying skin.

2.Provides excellent moisturiaztion.

3.Contributes lubricity which can help make skin care products easier to apply.

4.Liquid cleasing products acquire richer foam with improved stability.

5.Suggested starting concentration: 1.5% as product.