Product Name:Ectoine

Product Code:YNR-Ectoin

CAS No.:96702-03-3

INCI Name:Ectoine

Ectoine is a powerful, multifunctional active ingredient with outstanding, clinically proven efficacy. The product provides excellent anti-aging and cell-protection benefits. Ectoine repairs and improves damaged, aged or stressed and irritated skin, promotes skin barrier repair and long-term hydration. It shows comprehensive anti-pollution efficacy and blue light protection and supports a healthy skin microbiome – for a scientific approach in efficient anti-aging and skin protection concepts. Suitable for all skin types including sensitive, allergic and baby skin.QQ截图20210531101317

Ectoine is a multifunctional and very safe cosmetic active ingredient. It is a pure single molecule substance with global and outstanding cell protection properties and powerful anti-aging efficacy. The properties of Ectoine have been proven by various clinical in vivo studies.

Key Technical Parameters

Appearance White or almost white crystal or powder

Consistent with the reference substance spectrum of ectoine

pH Value 6.0~8.0
Transparency 98.0% min.
Specific rotaion +139~+145o
Chloride 0.05%max.
Loss on drying 1.0%max.
Ash 1.0%max.
As 2 ppm max.
Pb 10 ppm max.
*Sb 1 ppm max.
*Cd 5 ppm max.
*Ni 10 ppm max.
*Cr 5 ppm max.
*Hg 1 ppm max.
Batcteria Counts 100 cfu/g max.
Mold & Yest 50 cfu/g max.
Thermotolerant Coliform Bacteria Negative
Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Negative
Staphylococcus Aureus Negative
Assay 98.0%

The * Items are non-routine test parameters.


*Day and night formulations

*advanced protection formulations

*skin care for sensitive and allergic skin

*medical skin care / derma cosmetics

*sun and after-sun care formulation guidelines

*excellent water solubility  anti-inflammatory skin care

*baby care

*color cosmetics

*oral care

*hair care

Recommended Dosage:0.3~2%

Benefits  & Founctions

Ectoine has the ability to reduce the cellular stress that causes the skin aging, protects it from UV rays and environmental pollution. In addition, with its barrier properties, it accelerates the healing of damaged skin, maintaining its natural hydration and reducing redness and inflammation. It gives stability to the protein structures of cells.

*Anti Wrinkle Agents

*Protective Agents

*Anti Aging Agents

*Anti Pollution Agents

*Anti Inflammatories

*Moisturizing Agents

*Soothing Agents

*Repairing Agents