Product Name:Polyquaternium-6

Product Code:YNR-PQ06


INCI Name:Polyquaternium-6

Polyquaternium-6(PQ-6) is a homopolymer with high cationic activity,it provides excellent conditioning effect for hair care products.Polyquaternium-6 is clear to slight yellow,viscous liquid. Easy to dissolve in water, but not easy to combust. It has strong coagulate dint and good water solution stability.It’s not form gel and keep stable in the wide pH range. Anti-chlorine and high charge density.

Key Technical Parameters:

Appearance                             Colorless or yellowish transparent viscous liquid
Solid Content 39.0~42.0%
pH Value(1% in water) 4.0~7.5
Viscosity(M3V6,25℃) 8,000~12,000 cps


Polyquaternium-6 Water soluble substance, easy to use, especially in clear rinse conditioner.Polyquaternium-6 is moist,glossy and rich foam,it can make the wet hair more smooth.Added PQ-6 into the preparation,the mosituring cream,bath form,shaing cream products will provide an excellent skin feel.

*Conditioning shampoos,*Conditioners,*Aerosol mousses and other styling products,

*Hair relaxers,*Hair bleaches,*Hair dyes,*Shaving products,*Skin creams and lotions,

*Deodorants and antiperspirants,*Soaps


In Hair Care
*Contributes luster and a soft, silky feel.
*Provides excellent slip, lubricity and snag-free wet comb ability.
*Imparts excellent dry comb ability.
*Provides a holding effect.

In Skin Care
*Imparts a smooth, velvety feel, reduces tightness after cleaning skin.
*Provides excellent moisturizing effect.
*Contributes lubricity, making skin care products easier to apply.
*Acquires richer, thicker foam in liquid cleansing products.
*Enhances spread ability of creams and lotions.