Product Name:Copovidone

INCI Name:VP/VA Copolymer

CAS NO.: 25086-89-9

Formula: (C6H9NO)n.(C4H6O2)m

Refference:Current USP/NF/EP/BP/JP

Properties:Copovidone with 60/40 ration of N-Vinylpyrrolidone to Vinyl Acetate,soluble in most organic solvents.Which exists in powder,Copovidone forms hard,water-removable and glossy films,it has excellent compatibility with many plasticizers and modifiers. Good solubility in water,alcohol and other organic solvents.

Key Technical Parameters:


White or yellowish-white powder or flakes,hygroscopic

Viscosity(Express as K Value)



Freely soluble in water,in alcohol and in methylene chloride


A.Infrared Absorption

B.A red colour appears

C.A violet colour appears

Peroxides(Expressed as H2O2)

400 ppm max.


1 ppm max.


0.1% max.

Impurity A(2-Pyrrolidone)

0.5% max.

Heavy Metals(as Pb)

20 ppm max.

Loss on Drying

5.0% max.

Sulphated Ash

0.1% max.

Ethenyl Acetate Content

35.3~42.0% max.

Nitrogen Content

7.0~8.0 %

Applications:Copovidone mainly used as water-soluble binder and dry binder in wet/direct granulation processes,also it can be used as film forming materials.

*Water soluble tablet binder,suitable for wet or dry granulation/direct compression processes.

*Film Former:permeable film coating for tablet and sugar coatings to protect against splitting,decrease moisture sensitivity and provide good film adhesion.