Product Name:N-Octyl-2-Pyrrolidone

Product Code:YNR-NOP

Other Names:N-Octyl-Pyrrolidone,1-Octyl-2-Pyrrolidone,N-Octylpyrrolidone,NOP


Molecular Formula:C12H23NO


N-Octyl-2-Pyrrolidone,N-Octyl-Pyrrolidone,1-Octyl-2-Pyrrolidone,NOP,is colorless to light yellow transparent clear liquid with faint odor,It is highly active,safe and innoxious.It has a high boiling point,a high flash point and very low vapor pressure,very low solubility to water but is soluble to variety of organic solvents and reduce surface tention.N-Octyl-2-Pyrrolidone is a speciality pyrrolidone with solvent and low-foam surfactant characteristics 

Key Technical Parameters:

Appearance  Clear,colorless liquid
Purity 99.0% min.
Water  0.1% max.
Y-Butyrolactone  0.2% max.
Amines  0.2% max.
Colour(APHA) 50 max.

Application:N-Octyl-2-Pyrrolidone can be used as wetting agent in printing process,co-solvent for pesticide formulation,pharmaceutical excipient for veterinary injection,dye carrier for aramid fibers,softener and metal cleaning.

-Detergent as soil penetrant in Pesticide Formulation.

-Wetting Agent in fountain solution of aqueous systems in printing process,e.g.founatin solution.

-Softener in hard surface cleaners,laundry pres-potters and metal cleaning.

-Detergent in pharmaceutical formulation,eg.veterinary medicine.

-Wetting agent for dishwashing,industrial and institutional cleaners.

-Solvent for polymers and hydrophobic substances.

-Pigment dispersion aid and pigment conditioning solvent and component of   photo resist strippers.

-Dye carrier for aramid fabrics.