Product Name: L-Alanine
CAS#: 56-41-7
Molecular Formula:C3H7NO2
Molecular Weight:89.09
Properties:White Crystalline powder; orderless with a peculiar sweetness. It's freely   soluble in water and formic acid, almost insoluble  in ethanol and ether
Food Grade:

    1.Used as a preservative, flavoring and amino acid low-alcohol for food and beverage;
    2. Used as flavor enhancer, it can increase the flavoring effect of chemical seasonings; it can also used as  sourness correcting agent to improve the sour taste of organic acids;
    3. Used to improve the quality of alcoholic beverages, prevent oil oxidation and improve the flavor of impregnated foods tec.,
Pharmaceutical Grade:
     1.Used to make Vitamin B6, synthetic calcium pantothenate and  other organic compounds; 
     2. It's one of the components of nutrient replenishing amino acid nutrient infusion.