L-Lysine Monohydrochloride

Product Name: L-Lysine Monohudrochloride
CAS#: 657-27-2
Molecular Formula:C6H15ClN2O2,C6H14N2O2•HCl
Molecular Weight: 182.65
Properties:White Crystals or Crystalline powder. Ordorless, it's readily solves in water, slightly in ethanol and ether.    
Food Grade:  Lysine is one of significant  compositions of protein. The body requires Lysine which is one of eight amino acids, but cannot synthesize it must be provided in the diet. As lacking Lysine in the diet, therefore is called"the first essential amino acid". For a good enhancing agent, to add  Lysine into rice, flour; and can rise up the rate for utilizing protein so that it can enhance food  nutrition greatly. It is also efficiencies in improving growth, adjust appetite, reduce diseased and  make body stronger; it can deodorize and keep fresh in tinned food.
Pharmaceutical Grade:Lysine can be used to formulate complex amino acid infusion, it has better effect and less side effects than egg infusion. Lysine can be made into nutritional supplement with vitamins and glucose, and is easily absorbed by the stomach after oral administration. Lysine also improves the performance of certain drugs and improves their efficacy.