Lactose Monohydrate(Sieved Lactose)

It is white,tasteless,crystalline powder with good fluidity.The coarse particle Lactose produced through crystallization process can be devided into many specifications with narrow size distributrion after sieving(40Mesh,60Mesh,80Mesh,100Mesh,120Mesh).

Sieved Lactose consists of single crystal and a little caking of crystals.The products of differrent specifications can be used for various ocassions.

The Wet granulation is not a requiste process for capsule filling due to good miscibility,fluidity and moderate for formability.It is very suitable for capsule filling,granule filling and powder mixing.


Spray-Dried Lactose

It is white,tasteless powder with excellent fluidity.It has excellent fluidity,mixing uniformity and good compressibility due to spherical particle and narrow size distribution,it is suitable for direct compression especially,the ideal choice for capsule filling and granule filling.

Application Advantages:Quick disintegration due to good water solubility;Good tablet hardness due to spray drying;It can be uniformly distributed in low doages formula for the drug ingredient;The chewable tablet has ideal taste.


Anhydrous Lactose

White,tasteless powder with fluidity.The Anhydrous Lactose has a little moisture,but it’s difficult in moisture absorption even in high humidity condition.It can help excellent tablet hardness under low compression,the product is low friability and good dissolubility,good effect of disingration,quick-active ingredient.