Lanolin Alcohol

Product Name:Lanolin Alcohol

CAS No.:8027-33-6

INCI Name:Lanolin Alcohol

Lanolin alcohols is prepared by the saponification of lanolin followed by separation of the fraction containing cholesterol and other alcohols.Lanolin alcohols is an oily liquid used in topical pharmaceutical formulations and cosmetics as an emulsifying agent with emollient properties.  It is used as a primary emulsifier in the preparation of water-in-oil creams and lotions and as an auxiliary emulsifier and stabilizing agent in oil-in-water creams and lotions.

Key Technical Parameters

Color,Gardner 10 max.
Acid Value,mgKOH/g 1.0 max.
Saponification Value,mgKOH/g 90~105
Melting Point,℃ 38~44
Peroxide Value,me/kg 2.0 max.
Cholesterol Content 2.0% min.
Water,% 0.5 max.
Ash,% 0.15 max.






*Hair Conditioner

*Viscosity Controlling